Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Miscellaneous Thoughts

For some reason my blog comes up 7th when you do a MSN search for "nude pictures of Charo" and 301st when you Google the question "when should I spank my wife?"... Kenny Rogers won his 16th game of the season last night. The 16 wins place him tied for third in that category in the AL and is surprising given that Rogers has a 4.56 ERA and opposng hitters are batting .290 against him. I guess the fact that he gets 6.62 runs from his offense on average may have something to do with his high number of wins... Ditto for Derek Lowe and his 14 wins, 5.01 ERA and average of 7.73 run support (tops in the AL - again)... Jeromy Burnitz was my dark horse candidate to win the NL HR crown but he is only in 7th place - 10 behind leader Adrian Beltre... Last year at this time - the Mariners were battling the Red Sox for the AL Wild Card and this year they are almost 30 games out of the West. I haven't seen a collapse like that since next year's Los Angeles Lakers... One of the secrets to the cardinals success is how well they play on the road (45-22). Only the Braves (41-29) and Twins (40-30) are even close and they both have played 3 more road games... Anaheim is 6.5 games behind the Yankees for the AL Wild Card... This left me feeling that my Senior photo wasn't so bad...

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