Saturday, February 27, 2021

Joe Biden and the White House Correspondents Dinner

Is there to be a White House Correspondents Dinner this year? Haven't seen anything about it in the news. Guessing because of Covid-19 there won't be such a gathering but I can't help wondering how such an event would go with Joe Biden in office.

Donald Trump famously stopped going to the event once he became President. He felt that the event hurt the dignity of the office. I have long held that this event shouldn't exist.

But if it were to be held you know Joe from Scranton would be looking forward to it. But would those participating really poke fun at the elderly Biden? Guessing a Michele Wolf-type MC wouldn't dare make any dementia jokes. It would be all Trump insults and abortion knee-slappers. But then Joe would have to speak...

You know THAT would make news. The gaffes. The forgotten punchlines. What is obvious to most put on display for the world to see simply because the "journalists" wanted their "Nerd Prom." (As an aside what kind of nerd gets offended if someone jokes that they should learn to code?) 

Too bad it doesn't like like they'll be holding one this year. I'd tune in to watch that train wreck.

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