Sunday, February 14, 2021

Teddy Roosevelt and Wokeism

I always think of Teddy Roosevelt on Valentine's Day because in 1884 he lost both his mother and wife on the day. The grief almost broke him. 

This year I wondered how Roosevelt would react to today's "woke culture." I don't think he'd like it.Teddy was not keen on those who worked to convert others to their religion. He didn't like it because he recognized that first the proselytizer would have to destroy the person's existing beliefs to get them to accept the new beliefs. That's exactly what's happening with woke culture and why there is an all-out attempt to destroy Donald Trump, the Republican Party and any conservative family values. . 

Teddy's own personal religious convictions boiled down to doing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with God. An admirable creed but not compatible with the Borg-like hive mind of the Woke Left. 


  1. I asked my son if he was going to breast feed his new baby girl whoops his new as yet to be determined gender neutral life form. I have myself chosen to be identified as a root crop. Yeah woke=insane