Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs and Karma

Dan Wetzel has a good article about Ariel Miller who was critically injured in a suspected DUI last Thursday night. The driver that injured Ariel was Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid, son of head coach Andy Reid.  

The paragraph that most upset me was:

By now, either the Reid family, who have made tens of millions coaching in the NFL, or the Hunt family, billionaires who own the Chiefs, should have stepped up and said they would cover all costs. As of midday Monday, the Miller family said they haven't heard from either party.

Shame! Shame on the Kansas City Chiefs and the Reid family. Shame!


  1. A friend of mine went with his whole family, 8 or 10 people in all, to Disney World for a week long vacation at a Disney resort. The first night he got run over by a Disney employee hauling a luggage cart. Messed his foot up bad, he still has a furrow in it. Needless to say, his vacation was ruined.

    Did Disney send someone to the hospital to assure them that all expenses would be paid? Did they send someone to make sure his family enjoyed themselves as best they could? Fuck no, some shit weasel came to the hospital and said they'd wait and see what happened before they made any determination. My friend had to sue them, which required several trips from Illinois to Florida.

    These corporate entities apparently have no one on staff who values common sense over profit. To this day I despise Disney and would never willingly give them any money.

  2. I found the link to the GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/5-year-old-ariel-medical-expenses
    They are up to $432,000.
    Poor little girl, what a shame the Reid family didn't write a check, or the Chiefs throw in for her recovery.