Saturday, February 27, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Always thought it was ironic that Teddy Roosevelt is next to Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore. Roosevelt hated Jefferson and thought he was the worst President in US history... No amount of cooling will freeze helium into a solid. And no amount of money or PR will turn Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg into likable human beings... Dan Jenkins' rules for sports writing... The old robber barons at least used to fund institutions of higher learning - think Stanford, Vanderbuilt and CalTech. What are the modern day tech robber barons leaving for future generations?... (Supposedly) the top 25 beaches in the US. Haven't been to Hawaii but have been to 7 of these beaches and I can say for sure #7 isn't even the best beach in New England... Think matching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Chia Pets would make great Christmas gifts for almost anyone on your naughty and nice list. They already have a Donald Trump version... 


  1. Not sure which beach in New England is best. Maybe Crane Beach? Maybe Wingaersheek? Sand Beach at Bar Harbor? Depends on what you want to do at the beach, I guess. Old Orchard is kind of different from all the others, shall we say. Good luck swimming in Bar Harbor, even in the summer -that water is bone chilling cold!

  2. Don't forget what Andrew Carnegie did with his money -- many Carnegie buildings were built on campuses with his money , Carnegie Mellon as well.