Monday, February 08, 2021

More Flotsam and Jetsam

More miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Would be interesting to track Jeep sales pre and post Springsteen Super Bowl ad. My instincts say Jeep's sales will be down because personally I know a good number of people who will now never buy a Jeep because of the ad. Go Woke Go Broke is a real thing... Imagine that football fans in Buffalo and other AFC East cities were especially thankful watching the Super Bowl that Tom Brady is now in Tampa Bay instead of on their schedules twice a season... I'm an awful person - if I'm playing cards in a bar with some of my friends who now hate Bruce Springsteen because he's become so preachy and left-wing and I'm losing - I will purposefully throw a few Bruce songs on the jukebox to throw them off their game... If I'm Pat Mahomes I would immediately become a devoted disciple of the TB12 Method. And if I'm the Kansas City Chiefs - I'd pay all expenses for him to do so... I'm also known for putting Richard Harris' MacArthur Park on the jukebox when playing pool to throw my opponent off their game. I'll even yell/sing the lines "Left the cake out in the rain and I'll never have that recipe AGAIIINNN!!" (Seriously not kidding about this)...  


  1. I thought that MacArthur Park was a parody when it came out. How could anyone take those drippy lyrics seriously?

  2. I already hated Jeep because they have the most annoying headlights aimed right into your eyes, and the people who drive them seem to be universal tools.