Saturday, February 06, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

American Greenland would be a good name for an alternative history novel where Trump won his second term... Reminder of how much of a blue collar hero Bruce Springsteen is... Has it ever been proved that Ted Cruz isn't the Zodiac Killer? I mean he must have an alibi - right?... If something annoys or irritates you it can be said that it "raised your hackles" but what the hell are "hackles?" (Technically those are the hairs on the back of your neck.)... Biden cancels Elon Musk's adventures in space. Musk moved his businesses from California to Texas because of state bureaucratic meddling. How much of a public relations nightmare would it be for the Biden Administration if Musk moved his SpaceX operations to Mexico or some other cooperative nation for similar reasons?...  Donald Trump resigns from SAG-AFTRA. Good for him. The union is tone deaf to the problems their membership are going though. I don't think they understand how much his letter may resonate with disgruntled union members who will ask themselves "Why am I paying dues to this organization?"... 


  1. Do you think Biden just might be the worst disaster to be president?
    It looks like that already. Lord help us.

  2. Biden is pretty bad but Jimmy Carter had the full four years to mess things up. Not sure if Biden will have that chance.

  3. Springsteen is the most overrated American musician.

  4. I believe that Cruz not having been born yet when the killings took place has to be a fairly solid alibi.

    To Libertyman, You may be right. He is emboldened by couple things. One, unlike most first term presidents, he has no need to temper his actions with an eye on reelection. Pushing 80, the future isn't his biggest concern. He is going hard left to make a legacy. Then the slim margins in both houses of Congress, may give him a sense of urgency rather than leading him towards bi-partisanship. If he fears that he'll have to contend with a GOP controlled House or Senate after two years, that might compel him to get as much left-wing insanity enacted as possible in first two years. As Reagan warned there is nothing as hard to kill as a government program once enacted. We may be paying for these two years for generations to come.

  5. Bob Seger > Bruce Springsteen