Saturday, February 06, 2021

Top 5 - Movies I Re-Watch

Inspired by this list - here are the Top 5 movies I re-watch (in order of preference -meaning if given a choice I'd choose the higher ranked movie).

1. Casablanca

2. The Quiet Man

3. The Thin Man

4. Slapshot

5. The Godfather

Just missing the list Avengers Endgame. The Harry Potter movies don't make the list because I now prefer to re-read the books much more than re-watch the movies.

What's the movie you'd re-watch the most?


  1. An excellent list.
    The Big Sleep
    Young Frankenstein
    The Princess Bride

  2. If I had to do it over again The Princess Bride might make my Top 5.

    I'd have Maltese Falcon over Big Sleep - big Bogart fan.

  3. Just rewatched The Man who would be King, have seen original Blade Runner a few times, Princess Bride, Casablanca, Trading Places, just bought Gladiator for this very purpose, and if I think of a few more I will let you know. I could watch Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein again easily.

  4. All good choices here. Film aficionados are the best.

  5. The three original spaghetti westerns, The Fifth Element, all the major Bogart movies, Blazing Saddles, any Kubrick films...

  6. Add Once Upon a Time in the West. Henry Fonda as the bad guy.

  7. All your choices, plus:

    Scarface (Al Pacino version, you cuckaroach)
    Kill Bill 1&2
    The Man Who Came to Dinner

  8. Stretch8:36 PM

    Murder on the Orient Express (1974 version)
    Casablanca (even my wife can now recite the dialogue)
    Maltese Falcon (I have a replica of The Rare Avis in my office)
    The Guns of Navarone/Where Eagles Dare/The Dam Busters (the perfect triple feature)
    The Quiet Man (best on St. Patrick's Day and a bottle of Bushmill's)

  9. Have not seen The Man Who Came to Dinner.

    Where Eagles Dare is a vastly underrated movie.

  10. Anonymous12:01 AM

    They were expendable, with John Wayne