Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Coalition of the Willing Medal Count - Day 11

Here's a daily tracking of how the Coalition of the Willing does against the rest of the world:

Coalition of the Willing - 113 Gold, 97 Silver, 90 Bronze

The "Rest" of the World - 73 Gold, 87 Silver, 107 Bronze

Coalition of the Willing - 300 medals (53% of all medals)

The "Rest" of the World - 267 medals (47% of all medals)

EDIT: I apologize for skipping yesterday's update - honestly I was too busy enjoying the Instalanche.

EDIT 2: I also apologize for having a wrong count total today. I had two nations in the "Rest" category when they should have been in the "Coalition" category. The mistake has been fixed on the Day 12 count.

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