Friday, August 27, 2004

Presidential Football

One thing that stood out for me on some of the presidential campaign trail footage tonight was the difference of both candidates playing catch. In the footage of President Bush - a team is gathered around him and he is playing catch with a guy who looks like he's probably the star of the team (the guy has a QB type number - 10).

The footage I saw of John Kerry showed him playing catch while practice was still going on (as if he wasn't even important enough for this high school team to even take a break from their nothing preseason practice) and Kerry is playing catch with a kid who looks like he's probably a second or third string lineman (with a lineman number of 74).

Now you may think that these observations are pretty picky but I think they speak to advisors in the Kerry camp that just don't get it. The devil is in the details and the Kerry people don't seem to do details. Consciously and subconsciously the voters note these differences.

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