Saturday, August 14, 2004

Miscellaneous Baseball Thoughts

FWIW - David Wells has 21 starts and a 3.29 ERA so far this year for the Padres. Those numbers would place him second among Yankee starters behind Vazquez for starts (23) and El Duque for ERA (2.08). His 130 IP would also be second to Vazquez' 148 on the Yankees... Nothing against the Twins but GO INDIANS!.... Here's the thing about the Mariners - they suck this year but they are still third in the AL in home attendance. They have averaged over 36,000 fans per game at Safeco. I wouldn't believe management when they say they don't have the money to pursue free agents. They get better attendance then Boston. (Note - the Mariners attendance would only be good for 8th in the NL)... If the Indians do overtake the Twins to take the AL Central then MVP consideration has to be given to Travis Hafner. Eric Wedge also has to be on any short list for AL Manager of the Year... Happy birthday to Mark "the Bird" Fidrych who tuns the big 5-0 today...

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