Saturday, August 28, 2004

If I were Pope for a Day

The Vatican is a sovereign nation and yet they have never won an Olympic medal.

If I were Pope - I would change that in a hurry. I would ask all the top Catholic athletes to apply for dual citizenship and while not asking them to go against their home countries - I would provide a place for those Catholic athletes who just missed making the cut on their Olympic team. How many times do you read about a guy who was supposedly third or fourth best on his own squad winning a medal? Or what about all those stories about a guy winning a medal who was only there because someone above him dropped out?

I'm not saying that the Vatican would be a challenge to the US in the medal count but we sure as hell could do better than Ireland (one lousy medal). Just think of all the Catholic high schools and colleges in the US. Just from that pool we could field one hell of a girls softball or field hockey team (is field hockey an Olympic event?).

Just sayin'.

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