Saturday, August 21, 2004

Miscellaneous American League Thoughts

Ichiro leads the AL in hits with 192 and is a speedster on the basepaths. That's why I find it strange that he only has 4 triples - you would expect him to have more. Although - for whatever reason Ichiro has never been big on triples - he has averaged just 8 the last three years. Strange... Somebody explain to me why Rafael Palmeiro leads the AL in intentional walks with 15. Why? The guy is just hitting .252 this year and just .237 with RISP. Why walk him?... Going into today - Mark Bellhorn has been out of the Red Sox line-up for 19 days and yet he still leads the AL in strikeouts with 117. Way to go Mark!.. Three of the top four in reliever appearences are all Yankees - I think that is a reflection of how badly their starters have been and also a warning sign that the bullpen may break down in September... If you had just a single shut-out in the AL this year - then you would be tied for second place in the category. Shut outs are becoming a thing of the past. There were almost more players with parasites this year than pitchers with shut-outs in the American League...

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