Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Derek Lowe

The feeding frenzy is on in Boston. It's open season on Derek Lowe!

Yes - Lowe has been lousy for the Red Sox.

Yes - he has the second worst ERA among starters in the American League.

Yes - it looks like he may start to weep after almost every base hit.

Yes - all his indicator statistics have been trending downward the past two years and any thoughts of returning to his 2002 form have been completely forgotten.

Yes - it would take 41 consecutive scoreless innings to get his ERA down to Pedro's 3.82.

Yes - he was foolish to turn down the Red Sox offseason offer of three-years and $27 million.

No - the Red Sox don't really have any option but to see him through this tough time.

No - the Red Sox won't be making a new offer to Lowe and he will be gone after the iseason.

No - I don't think any Red Sox fans can find a silver lining in this situation.

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